Red Kite is a leading provider of senior secured capital to mid-cap and single asset materials companies.

We have committed over US$2.0B since the inception of our lending fund in 2008, helping companies unlock the value of their development assets or grow existing operations.

Investing in materials for a sustainable future

Red Kite provides senior secured capital to the producers of materials essential to the modern world.

The shift to a low-carbon economy relies on products, equipment and infrastructure that demands large quantities of metals and minerals. Increasing investment in the production and beneficiation of critical resources is a vital, though often overlooked, requirement for sustainable economic growth.

At Red Kite, we provide that investment with a strong emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues, reflecting the expectations of our investors, corporate partners and of the societies in which we work. Such emphasis is not discretionary. It is fundamental to our vision of what is required for successful investments. We believe that it reduces risk, underpins long-term value creation and is a source of competitive advantage.

Example Transactions

Red Kite has committed over $2.0B to mining companies since inception in 2008, helping them unlock the value of their development assets or grow existing operations.

Financings since December 2013 concluded by Red Kite and not bound by confidentiality agreements have been listed on this page for the purposes of showing the types of transactions for which we would welcome outreach from persons seeking financing.

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